Illustration Process

Illustration is an important part of a product or publication. A great illustration catches the customer’s eye and piques their interest; in a moment it can communicate important values and ideas. This is why Flaming Medusa Studios makes it a point to work closely with clients in order to create illustrations that are perfectly suited to their needs.

The illustration process is begun by the creation of many thumbnail drawings. The small and fast nature of these drawings allows for quick thinking and experimenting on the artist’s behalf, without getting bogged down in detail.

The three most successful thumbnails are then developed into larger rough sketches. All of the main information of the illustration will be present in these rough sketches. These sketches are the first part of the process that is shared with the client.

After the client’s input on the roughs, the chosen rough is modified and tightened up, then a clean up drawing is made off of it, including any small detail drawing that hasn’t been indicated before. This clean drawing is a very tight and exact drawing, and it is the one that will be carried to completion.

After the clean drawing has been approved, it is time to color the illustration. This can be done using many methods, the most popular being digital color. The color process is one of development and experimentation as well. Often the color of a completed piece is very different from how it began. Once the color has been perfected it is again shared with the client, and any remaining input is incorporated to bring the illustration to completion- so it can begin a life of its own!

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